Watch Live: Alex Jones Arrives At Militarized Virginia Capital

Antifa has released hit list of Infowars and other journalists — spread this link to get the word out! – January 19, 2020 Alex Jones is on the ground in front of the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, where Democrats are determined to portray […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘OSS’ Counter Operation Initiated To Stop Coup

President Trump putting Deep State operatives on the run Millie Weaver | – December 28, 2019 It was only after Horowitz’s report came out that Collyer rebuked the FBI in a total CYA move. However, this entire charade is a smoke screen to draw […]

How Google Took Over The World: Must Watch Full Documentary

Special Reports Published on Dec 11, 2019 Special Reports Full documentary that tells the story of Google’s rise to the pinnacle of free speech censorship and how they tried to silence a mild mannered water filtered merchant from Austin Texas. Youtube Link here Credits […]

Watch The Left Defend The New London Bridge Stabber

Nov 29, 2019 The Alex Jones Show Paul Joseph Watson joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the leftists rushing to defend the London Bridge stabber. By the way, get DNA Force Plus 50% off and get a free bottle of Brain Force Plus now!