Image Credits: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images.

Democrats ignoring actual domestic terrorists while trying to silence and intimidate gun owners with militarized police – January 19, 2020

A Virginia Antifa chapter has released a hit list of several conservative figures and journalists who will make an appearance at the 2nd Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia, on Monday.

The chapter, called Antifa Seven Hills, created a list of what they call “known fascists and sympathizers,” which includes conservatives affiliated with Infowars like Owen Shroyer, journalists Mike Adams and Jacob Engels, veteran Joe Biggs, and even Trump insider Roger Stone.

This is what domestic terrorism looks like.

Despite the media’s insistence that the rally will be comprised mostly of “white supremacists” determined to commit violence, the reality is that Antifa, an admitted violent far-left organization, is allowed to organize and threaten violence upon conservatives under the protection of the media and Democrats who control the area.

Shroyer explained how Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase warned Americans about the left’s plan to set up patriots and gun owners as violent extremists ahead of Monday’s 2nd Amendment rally.

He also breaks down the Democrats’ injustice and hypocrisy of allowing violent far-left groups to operate freely in Richmond while also calling in militarized police to intimidate gun owners and participants of the 2nd Amendment rally.

Check out these critical reports by Alex Jones in Washington D.C. to find out more about what the Deep State has planned for Virginia’s 2nd Amendment rally:

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