Sanders campaign may have bailed out violent Stalinist recently exposed by Project Veritas

Kelen McBreen | – January 16, 2020

Undercover video of Bernie Sanders’ Iowa Field Director Kyle Jurek appears to show him admitting to being bailed out by fellow members of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Jurek, the star of Project Veritas’ latest exposé, was recently outed for saying Trump supporters and billionaires should be sent to Soviet-style gulags for re-education if Bernie wins the presidency.

He also has a well-documented history of run-ins with law enforcement, including charges for “possession of a controlled substance,” “unlawful possession of a prescription drug,” and “possession of drug paraphernalia,” among others.

Below is a screenshot showing 2016 charges for possession of marijuana and operating while intoxicated.

Another screenshot shows Jurek’s arrest record for a 2019 incident where he was charged with possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of prescription drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

That’s not all, as Jurek was arrested once again last week for violating his probation, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to provide proof of financial liability and operating while intoxicated.

Now, footage released by Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe reveals Bernie Sanders campaign workers bailed Jurek out of jail.

In the undercover video, Jurek tells a story about getting arrested for possession of marijuana and says he called a fellow Sanders worker from jail who told him, “Don’t say another word, we already processed your bail. Just sit tight.”

Did the Sanders campaign worker pay out of pocket or does the “we” he referred to mean campaign funds were used?

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