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Kyle Jurek also brags many more violent radical leftists embedded in Sanders’ 2020 campaign

Jamie White | – January 15, 2020

New undercover video from Project Veritas shows Bernie Sanders Field Organizer Kyle Jurek defending the efficacy of Soviet Union gulags and bragging that the Sanders campaign is embedded with many more “anarcho-communists” like him.

The new video, part of PV’s continued #Expose2020 series, continues to follow Jurek, a paid Sanders Iowa staffer, as he explains his radical far-left philosophy of exterminating conservatives, overthrowing law and order, and using Democrat campaigns as a vehicle to covertly introduce Marxism to the mainstream.

“I’m all aboard for gulags,” Jurek said. “Like, I feel there needs to be re-education for a significant portion of our society.”

“So that was the intention of gulags, right?” Jurek continues. “Not only to elim- like, remove, like people that were insidious to the state from the state. Like, and that’s what it has to be. Actually, gulags were a lot better than what the CIA has told us that they were.”

Jurek then reveals that Antifa and other violent far-left radical individuals are embedded in the Sanders campaign.

“In fact there, that I know of – one two three, one two three four – four of the organizers in this office are leftists of some degree, further than the Democratic Socialists,” Jurek said.

“I’m an anarcho-communist…I’m as far left as you can possibly get. There’s a lot of ‘me’s’ in the Bernie campaign.”

“There’s some [Antifa] here, a lot of them are probably on the Bernie campaign, but there is a DSA chapter here so like some of the DSA folks would probably, we’ve been looking for an action to like participate in…in regards to immigration and ICE, we’ve been looking for something to pop off so we can fucking pop right back off,” he added.

Jurek also explains that anyone who gets in the way of the far-left’s overthrow of the country will be systematically killed.

“We don’t fucking want to have to like eliminate people, right?” Jurek said. “Like you can give them a choice, like hey, you can join the revolution, you can not be a bootlicker, you could sit idly by and allow it to happen, but if you’re going to take up arms against the revolution, then you should expect a violent response.”

In the first part of PV’s #Expose2020 series, Jurek warned that “fucking cities will burn” if Trump is re-elected, and that if Bernie becomes president, millions of conservatives will be sent to Soviet-style gulag prisons.

Notably, CNN didn’t ask Sanders a single question related to Jurek’s disturbing remarks from within his campaign, despite Owen Shroyer asking moderator Anderson Cooper if he’d consider bringing that up.

Additionally, Iowa Bernie staffers are now all locking their social media accounts following the bombshell Veritas videos.




Owen Shroyer asks Bernie Sanders campaign to disavow political terrorism– watch what happens next.

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