How Google Took Over The World: Must Watch Full Documentary

Special Reports Published on Dec 11, 2019 Special Reports Full documentary that tells the story of Google’s rise to the pinnacle of free speech censorship and how they tried to silence a mild mannered water filtered merchant from Austin Texas. Youtube Link here Credits […]

I’m Not Bragging Episode 1: The Gavin McInnes Interview

The most explosive interview you haven’t seen! Rex Jones | – December 12, 2019 Rex Jones and Gavin McInnes meet up following the Roger Stone trial and discuss various… issues: Mirror copy:

Watch Live: Protest Against New York Times’ Attack on Free Speech

Stand up and defend free speech from globalist censorship! War Room – December 12, 2019 Watch Thursday’s edition of War Room to witness Owen Shroyer’s protest (from 5-7PM ET) in front of The New York Times headquarters, as Savanah Hernandez quarterbacks the show – broadcast […]

The Simulation Is Real Pt.II

Find out the truth behind the technocrats’ lies Kelen McBreen | – December 2, 2019 Alex Jones analyzes the simulation we live in while hiking through the woods. Watch the first part of this report below: Get DNA Force 50% off and get a free bottle […]

Will They Steal The 2020 Election?

Manipulated voting machines and software could compromise election integrity Millie Weaver | – December 1, 2019 While you wrestle with the reality that offshore companies count, manage, organize, control and operate most of our elections, realize that election software is more than just a […]

The Simulation Is Real

Learn how humanity can collectively fight against the global technocracy — share this link! – December 1, 2019 Alex Jones summarizes how to take action in the animating contest of liberty against the dehumanizing forces of globalism determined to destroy national and individual sovereignty. […]

Watch The Left Defend The New London Bridge Stabber

Nov 29, 2019 The Alex Jones Show Paul Joseph Watson joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the leftists rushing to defend the London Bridge stabber. By the way, get DNA Force Plus 50% off and get a free bottle of Brain Force Plus now!

Steve Pieczenik: Trump Brought On Elements Of His Own Destruction

The Alex Jones Show Dr. Steve Pieczenik joins The Alex Jones Show to break down what President Trump should do to clean house in his administration. The Black Friday sales have arrived early! Get up to 70% off our hottest products as well as free-shipping […]

Is It Okay To Be White? “Yes Because GOD Said So”

Special Reports Savanah Hernandez goes to UT to ask students what they think about the phrase “It’s Okay To Be White”, and if they think it should be banned as hate speech. Related Articles: THE FBI IS NOW INVESTIGATING ‘IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE’ POSTERS […]

Ultimate Meme Collection: Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Kill Himself

Suspicion billionaire pedophile murdered to protect powerful accomplices now mainstream – November 9, 2019 The whole world now believes billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself following the bombshell expose by Project Veritas showing an ABC anchor admitting her network spiked the big story […]