Listen to the hilarious and controversial ‘Maybe I’ll vote Democrat again’

Kelen McBreen | – February 10, 2020

Video of country musician Bryan Lewis performing a new song titled “Maybe I’ll Vote Democrat Again” at a Missoula County Republican Central Committee is sparking controversy throughout the country.

The humorous tune exposes the disastrous leadership of the Democratic Party and provides hypothetical situations that could convince the singer to “vote Democrat again.”

For example, Lewis sings, “So when the Jews and the Arabs call a truce, Caitlyn’s back to being Bruce, when the Clintons finally get the noose, maybe I’ll vote Democrat again.”

From AOC’s low IQ to Bernie Sanders’ socialist policies, no Democrat is safe in this call to “walk away” from the now far-left party.

The singer even went as far as to call for the hanging of those involved in the impeachment witch-hunt against President Trump and for the Clintons to “get the noose.”

The footage was originally uploaded by a Republican group out of Missoula County, Montana, but they deleted their Facebook post after conservative Missoula City Council member Jesse Ramos called for it to be taken down.

“It makes us all look like a bunch of racist idiots and jackasses,” Ramos told Missoulian. “I get it’s a joke, I get that. But not professional, not funny, in my opinion. Leave it to the comedians.”

Missoula County Democratic Central Committee Chair Karen Wickersham was specifically offended by the line about hanging the Clintons, saying, “Hillary in the noose, that’s beyond coarse. That’s an underlying threat of violence.”​

Doesn’t Wickersham know they’ll receive a fair trial first?

Check out Bryan Lewis’ first hit song, “I Think My Dog’s a Democrat,” in the music video below:

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