Video shows what preparations to make when dealing with a potential home invasion

Kit Daniels | – OCTOBER 1, 2019

Two masked men breaking into an apartment ran at the sight of an AR-15 pointed at them.

The incident occurred in Omaha, Nebraska, last month at around 10pm at night.

The video serves as a good lesson in what to do – and what preparations to make – when dealing with a potential home invasion.

For instance, the resident, named Mark, heard persistent knocking at his door, and instead of opening the door immediately, he looked through the peephole.

This gave him a chance to lock the door and give himself time to retrieve his rifle since he didn’t recognize the men, one of whom was wearing a mask.

By the time one of the men kicked down the door – which shows the weakness of generic deadbolts – Mark already had his AR-15 trained on the intruders.

“The reaction of the invaders shows one of the primary values of the AR-15 type system: easy recognition leading to effective deterrence,” wrote Ammoland’s Dean Weingarten. “Mark did a good job. He was aware.”

“He had an effective self-defense tool easily available and knew how to use it.”

That said, the vast majority of defensive gun uses (DGU) are not reported or recorded, as Weingarten also pointed out.

“It is very rare for a DGU incident to make national news,” he added. “The lack of reporting skews how people think about the issue.”

“In many markets, people think DGU are rare.”

This Fox news report directly contradicts the NY Times Fake News report. Alex Jones breaks it all down.

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