Trump confidant says imprisonment would be a death sentence – JUNE 30, 2020

Roger Stone joins Alex Jones live from his office while under house arrest and finally breaks his silence regarding his corrupt D.C. trial and wrongful conviction, President Trump’s path to a 2020 victory, and his ever-growing faith in God that has helped carry him through these turbulent times.

EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Breaks His Silence On Eve Of Imprisonment

Roger Stone tells how he rededicated his life to Jesus Christ and why he sought the path to God again.

Roger Stone reveals the corruption that openly took place within his D.C. trial and exposes the conduct of ‘Judge’ Amy Berman Jackson.

Roger Stone makes the case for President Trump’s second term and lays out how Trump can bring the economy back from the brink of death.

Roger Stone clearly states that he will not commit suicide in prison.

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