Reporter arrested during silent protest – January 23, 2020

Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer was arrested after staging a protest outside the Trump impeachment trial.

Watch video of the arrest:

“What you are doing is considered an active demonstration,” one capitol security officer tells Shroyer, adding, “If you don’t cease and desist, you will be arrested.”

Shroyer is later told a small paper sign he’s holding up is considered a “demonstration,” and that the capitol is a demonstration-free zone, despite anti-Trump demonstrators frequently being allowed to protest at the same location.

This is a developing story…

Alex Jones details Owen’s arrest on the Alex Jones Show LIVE NOW:

Watch as Owen Shroyer confronts a brainwashed hoard called “Remove Trump” in the DC Capitol.

Owen was in DC this week not only to cover the Virginia gun rally and Women’s March, but to face charges for interrupting Trump impeachment proceedings last month.

Shroyer headed into court Wednesday for calling the impeachment of Trump a scam:

See footage of Owen Shroyer confronting impeachment ringleader Jerry Nadler last month:

Shroyer also hit the streets of NYC during the Christmas holiday to spread word on the impeachment hoax:

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