Patrick Howley Explains Globalist Take Over Of Ukraine And Fox News

The Alex Jones Show Journalist Patrick Howley joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the globalist corruption behind Ukraine and the takeover of Fox News. “By the way, we’re currently running our biggest sale since Christmas! Get 50% off products with double Patriot Points and […]

Keep America Great

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Alex Jones openly mocks Chinese government’s brazen free speech purge – OCTOBER 9, 2019 Infowars has enlisted “Fentanyl, the Chicom Dragon” to enforce Chinese Communist party rules. Fentanyl recommends plenty of beneficial mandates to help freedom-oriented liberty lovers act in accordance with the party-compliant Communist […]

Ukrainian to US prosecutors: Why don’t you want our evidence on Democrats?

BY JOHN SOLOMON, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR — 04/07/19 07:30 AM EDT 2,532 THE VIEWS EXPRESSED BY CONTRIBUTORS ARE THEIR OWN AND NOT THE VIEW OF THE HILL Ukrainian law enforcement officials believe they have evidence of wrongdoing by American Democrats and their allies in Kiev, ranging from 2016 election […]

Bernie demonstrates the Power of the Dark Side of Socialism

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Big Tech Backs ISIS Over Conservatives

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Public School Libraries Teach Children How To Be Kidnapped And Murdered By Pedophiles

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Hidden Microphones Found Inside Cable Boxes And Google Nest

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