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None of what he says will happen, but its hopeful to hear it said!

‘You propped up the Chinese Communist Party, and not just that, you took the blood money from them,’ he says

Jamie White | – April 6, 2020

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon unloaded on the Chinese Communist Party and its globalist cohorts in a fiery rant on his podcast Monday, vowing that they would face a massive reckoning from humanity for releasing the coronavirus then covering it up.

“The Chinese Communist Party is responsible for all the dead, all the destruction of wealth throughout the world. The people in Wuhan were treated like animals by the Chinese Communist Party. They bore the brunt of this,” Bannon said on “War Room” Monday.

“Here’s what’s going to happen, ultimately. We’re going to have a Nuremburg-type trial. It’s going to take place in Wuhan. The Chinese Communist Party leaders are going to be on the docket, and the jury – representing mankind – will be the average citizen in Wuhan, and they will stand in judgment of these devils. And they’re going to be held accountable.”

Bannon then went off on top globalist advocate Henry Kissinger over his recent editorial claiming the coronavirus could be the way to implement the final stages of the “liberal world order.”

“Henry Kissinger? Give me a break. It’s disgusting,” Bannon fumed. “Henry Kissinger, I do not need to hear from you about the liberal world order. You are guilty, sir. You think you have blood on your hands from the bombings back in the Vietnam War? You have blood on your hands for this.”

“You have been the mouthpiece and the prop for these people from the beginning. You propped up the Chinese Communist Party, and not just that, you took the blood money from them. You’ve been paid for decades by the Chinese Communist Party.”

“It’s all gonna come out,” Bannon continued. “All the Wall Street guys who’ve been in business with them, all the corporatists in business with them, all the think tank guys in business with them, taking blood money. It’s all coming out. Okay? We’re telling you: it’s all gonna come out.”

“And the world is gonna stand in judgment of you. Because you’re just as bad as the devils, in fact, you’re worse. Because you didn’t even believe in their ideology. You believed in the money. You took it for money. You make me sick.” he added.

It’s unclear how a major trial against the CCP will take place in Wuhan, but such an event would be a major catalyst for bringing accountability to the perpetrators who unleashed the coronavirus upon humanity.




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