Watch Live: Alex Jones Arrives At Militarized Virginia Capital

Antifa has released hit list of Infowars and other journalists — spread this link to get the word out! – January 19, 2020 Alex Jones is on the ground in front of the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, where Democrats are determined to portray […]

MUST SEE: President Trump Restores First Amendment Protected ‘Right To Pray’ In Public Schools

by The Scoop January 17, 2020 President Trump ordered the removal of Obama-era discriminatory federal regulations that prohibited students and teachers from praying in public schools. This action safeguards the First Amendment rights of students and teachers to practice their faith. WATCH:

Video: Man Who Stopped Church Shooter Receives Medal of Courage

Jack Wilson receives award for unwavering bravery in the face of utter evil – January 13, 2020 Texas Governor Greg Abbott honored Jack Wilson with a Medal of Courage Monday, after the 71-year-old stopped a potential mass shooting inside a Texas church late last […]

WARNING! The Vaccines Are A Trojan Horse

Image Credits: Chikara Yoshida/Getty Images. An emergency public service announcement by the people for the people – January 1, 2020 A few months back, the government of Samoa went into full martial law mode in order to implement mandatory vaccination of its population, going […]